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'Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.' - Thomas Merton

Maintaining a balance in life is important to living well: something we all strive to do. When features exist in the correct relationship to each other they are said to be“in balance”.

Here at the Flip Side we farm using organic theory and methods. This involves working in harmony with nature, to achieve good crop yields, without harming the natural environment or the people who live and work in it. The founding principle of organic farming is that optimum soil management will produce healthy crops and livestock in a sustainable manner. In short: Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants = Healthy People. Growing food naturally and without the routine use of synthetic agricultural pesticides or fertilizers is the cornerstone of Bio Gro organic certification.

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I love this description of Autumn by Stanley Horowi

                      Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer
                      an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all.

Here at the Flipside we are beginning the build up to the Saffron season.  Small but strong white cones are peeping through the soil as the temperatures cool down.  Soon the flowers will be out and turning the beds into a flush of red, purple and green.

Soon to become ………….


But  it is only only Saffron that greets us each Day.  Harvesting Almonds can be a challenge when a lot of the crop is at the top of the tree.




This year the long hot summer and drought conditions were a challenge.  Although fairly resilient to dry conditions once established, unfortunately some of the plants didn't make it through.  On the plus side we have started propagating from our own plants so we have some replacements ready at hand and to add some existing new Pacific Blue Lavandula angustifolia plantings

Looking Forward

Feb 2018

In the Solar/Chinese NewYear , February 4th determines the corresponding zodiac animal birth sign for an individual. This year is the year of the Dog, with a switch towards the earth element: the lunar New Year begins on February 16th. Apparently the year of the dog is when magic can happen in all aspects of our lives so we should be faithful to our own heart and destiny and choose a positive mantra for ourselves.

R.I.P 'Charlie' our faithful friend

Bio Gro Audit Completed

Looking Back


We have so much to be grateful for and to celebrate. Especially so the awesome people who helped us out practically when we harvested, those sharing our passion and encouraging us creating and selling our products.

Ellie married Corey Kelly in March and has been taking a more active role in production and marketing. A huge ‘proud mum “moment when Eloise was selected as having the potential to be trained as a lavender oil judge. After successfully passing the training she is now a qualified oil judge and completed her first oil judging for the New Zealand Lavender Growers’ awards this year.

The NZLGA Supreme Oil Awards draw entries from New Zealand and overseas. Sample oils entered into the award are presented “blind” to the judges and the whole process is scrutinized.

Each sample of oil is subject to rigorous ‘sniffing’ by each judge and scored against a range of recognised criteria. The score for each sample are collated and Gold or Silver Awards are given to oils that reach the required standards.

Increasingly these awards are gaining a real international flavour. This year oils were received from France, Canada and the USA, making up 25% of the competition. 

Eloise (extreme right) and her fellow judges at oil awards judging 2017

Eloise is keen to develop her skills and to extend our early experiments with blending lavender oils and creating perfumes, possibly leading to a signature line in the future.

Little did Cate Know that a “bucket list” trip to Egypt this year would lead her on the trail of Egyptian perfumes, oils and fragrances. Travelling with a wonderful boutique tour company, Pink Lotus Tours, forged enduring friendships provided access to incredible sights and experiences and was guided by a professional, knowledgeable team. For anyone contemplating a trip to Egypt I would highly recommend this company. It is said that Egypt always has a profound effect on all who come and this is no exaggeration.